Organise your Life on Pinterest!

I’m UBER unorganised (is the word ‘disorganised’ ?? I’m not sure)  I don’t like being unorganised… I LOVE to make lists, have a tidy house, a tidy mind and 20 spare hours a day – but I DON’T. I’m good with the lists, then I feel overwhelmed and it pretty much stops there.


Instead of spending time organising myself, I love to wile away hours of my time looking at articles, youtube videos, blog posts & pictures from all of the clever people out there on HOW TO GET MY SH*T TOGETHER.

So, I’m sharing with you from my ‘OrganisaySHUN’ Pinterest board -I’ll categorise this for you because MAN …. I’m organised like that.

Cleaning: Possibly the BEST cleaning schedule I’ve found on the interwebs. Even I think that I could keep up with this

Blogging: The most sweet, simple blog planner in the world. It’s colourful, simple but effective and Sprouting A Little Nostalgia has a FREE printable for you too! Click the image to visit her lovely blog & download your copy!

Laundry: With 6 of us in the house, my laundry room always looks like a Chinese laundry. SERIOUSLY .. HOW do these children get through FOUR outfits in one day?? This little baby is on my Project list to do next – pure genius, one basket for each family member, throw in folded laundry and take to wardrobe. Love.

Office: I work from home the majority of the time. I live in a teeny, tiny, little English cottage and SPACE is a serious issue.  My office is SO unorganised at the moment, but check how easy this is to do – use the WALL people!

School lunches: I am NOT a morning person. Although I do LOVE mornings. Go figure. Getting up at 6:30am to create 4 inspiring, healthy lunches is NOT high on my list of love-to-do’s. This amazing mother spends a few minutes prepping it all into this bin at the beginning of the week and then just grabs what she needs to throw into the lunch bags. It’s simple, but so flipping clever – I wish I had thought of this myself.

Wrapping it all up: Family Binder. I have pinned tonnes of these but I NEVER seem to have any ink to print one out… clearly I need this organiser so that I can file a list in it to remind me to buy ink to print the binder. Hmmm… anyhoo, Want. Need. Love.

Hope you enjoyed this walk around my Organisation board – it’s my MISSION to get organised. I’ll keep you posted – how do you stay organised? Do you have a similar board on Pinterest? Please link up in the comments so we can all have a snoop!

Kerry x




6 thoughts on “Organise your Life on Pinterest!

  1. I used to be organised but then I had kids…as soon as no.2 came along it all went out the window! Is it bad that I looked at the weekly cleaning organiser and thought, ‘oh crap I haven’t done that for a while, opps nor that’? Haha, just don’t take a close look into my kitchen 😉 x

  2. Oh my goodness, I love all these things. Laughing out you because I am so the same about reading stuff and looking at stuff re getting organised. My book shelves, online bookmarks and Kindle tell exactly the same story!!!

    This list proves you got some catching up with me to be my kind of disoraganised. My trick I carry off organised to a T, don’t ask how but people really believe I am really organised!!! x x x

  3. Hey – you made a shopping list on Thursday, but forgot to go shopping! Are you all on a diet – hee, hee???? I know – you get Sainsbury’s to deliver.

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