I spied these on Pinterest the other day…

How cute are these?!

How cute are these?!

And decided to give them a go with BigSmall, who is 4.

This is our version…


Not quite as cute as the others I will admit, but BigSmall was chuffed to bits with it!

We want to make a whole family of them-a daddy one from one of hubby’s socks, a mummy one from one of mine etc.

They are a work in progress at the moment, and need a little refining, but the basic idea is to stuff an old sock with the other sock in the pair, or some fabric scraps, or a plastic bag. Tie a ribbon or some wool or an elastic band around the neck , and then cut up to make the legs! We (I) found it easier to sew the eyes and mouth on first, although I am also going to experiment with buttons and copydex to see if they will stick!

PS. This post serves a double purpose, and is also my entry in the May Pinaddict’s Challenge (sneaky hey!). The linky is open-have you linked up yet?!


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