Doodle Embroidery Inspiration

I’ve long admired the work of clever designers like Jenny from Sublime Stitching and Aneela Hoey, but I’ve never really had a go at embroidery.

Last week a pin popped up in my Pinterest feed which was a link to some free simple drawings for embroidery. I just fancied a go.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 09.38.14I had a little embroidery hoop and some pale calico, and have a box of threads from a cross-stitch phase I had years ago.

I printed the image off, taped it behind the calico and used a window as a lightbox, to allow me to trace the image onto the calico using a dressmakers pencil.

owl embroidery_0339 owl embroidery_0417I’m no expert but this is really fun, it’s like colouring in with thread. I’ve only been using back stitch and my work isn’t the neatest, but it’s called ‘doodle’ for a reason, it isn’t meant to be too uniform is it? If you want to get more fancy and use different stitches then there are some lovely tutorials on sublime.

Do you embroider? Feel free to leave any links in the comments to your work.


6 thoughts on “Doodle Embroidery Inspiration

  1. Thanks for this. What a fun idea! And how strange – it was only yesterday that I was searching Pinterest for ideas for an owl-shaped cushion for my daughter-in-law. I think I may have a go at making this for her too. I used to have a “cross-stitch-phase” 😉 so I have plenty of supplies to start me off.

  2. ooh what a lovely design! I LOVE embroidery and my only style is quite literally to ‘doodle’ on the fabric…I set some fabric in a hoop and just stitch away! Sometimes I’ll sketch what I have in mind but usually it just flows…I particularly like doing flowers, they can really pop!

    this is a link to one of my recent makes in the stitching world:

    Keep stitching!!! xxx

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