Shrinky Dink love

Being the hoarder I am I still have the Mr Men shrinky I made when I was at primary school. You’ve probably seen them before, basically they are sheets of plastic you colour and heat in the oven, where they shrink. They were really popular in the 1980s but they seems to have made a comeback on Pinterest and on some of my favourite craft blogs.

I’ve seen a couple of kits in craft shops so thought I would try reliving this craft of my youth. I bought a pack of blank shrink plastic and got my Sharpies out as you need to use permanent pens.

shrinky dinks

You draw the outline on one side, flip over and colour in the other side. Then place on a sheet of baking parchment  and bake for seconds. I tried a variety of shapes, drawing some Peppa Pig figures for the children, daffodils, gingerbread men and some hexies for me.

I started off simply but you can use your Shrinkies in lots of ways, even printing onto inkjet printable Shrinky Dinks sheets. I have a growing Shrinky Dink lovelies board on Pinterest to see if I can get more adventurous with my shrinky dink crafting. Some people have made brooches and badges and all kinds of things with theirs.

My name is Jenny and I blog at the gingerbread house about crafts and sewing.


One thought on “Shrinky Dink love

  1. I’ve never seen this before!!!! looks SO my kinda thing as it doesn’t involve a sewing machine… hah! I’m going to shrinky dink STACKS of stuff. yayness! Kerry x

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