20 Minute Chicken Parmesean

Most people love chicken parm and I’m sure have made it before, but if you haven’t made it or are looking for a new recipe then this is for you 🙂 (if you have a recipe give me a break and read it anyway!)

So here we go… get ready….

8 thin sliced chicken breasts
2 eggs
Mozzarella cheese
Salt and pepper


Start off by preheating your oven to 425.

Get all your ingredients out so you are prepared. I have a nifty little thing from pampered chef that has little compartments for your milk, eggs and breadcrumbs.

If you don’t have the nifty pampered chef thingy then get yourself three bowls. Put about a cup of milk in one, your two eggs whisked in another and your breadcrumbs in another (about half a container.)

Add to your breadcrumbs a tablespoon of oregano and basil. (I add a bit more basil because I love it.) Salt and pepper also and then mix.

Take two pieces of your chicken and dip it into the milk. Turn over and let it sit in the milk for a bit. Move your chicken to the egg mixture and flip. Finally coat the chicken thoroughly on both sides in the breadcrumbs and place it into a Pyrex or other dish.


Oh and fyi you can’t cook properly without listening to some good music! Thank you Pandora 🙂


Once all your chicken is finished place it in the oven (Preheated to 425) for 20 minutes. Remove your dish from the oven and flip your chicken (so it crisps on the other side). You can now add your sauce.


Once the sauce is covering your chicken add the mozzarella cheese. We love cheese so don’t judge at how much I added!

cheesychickenStick your chicken back into the oven for 5-8 minutes until the cheese has melted completely.
I served mine with ziti, corn and peas. My husband ate three pieces so yes, it is good!


If you try my recipe please send me an email to MomofTwoSalums@hotmail.com. I have a viewer pic section that I would love to add your pics too!

Checkout my other recipes at MomOfTwoSalums. I hope you enjoy.


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