Pinterest for Party Inspiration

Pinterest is great for general inspiration and losing yourself in an alternative world of loveliness. It really comes alive as a research/resource tool when you need party inspiration. Particularly when it’s a little persons birthday and they have a very strong idea for a party.

Last year my little boy was at the height of his obsession with dinosaurs (it still runs strong, but has been slightly overtaken at present by Scooby-Doo). His third birthday party was a Pinterest inspired success. The ideas, resources, free printables etc is brilliant.

One idea we picked up on was doing a dinosaur excavation which was a roaring success with the little people, along with a treasure hunt.

Hugo 3rd birthday montageWhen my middle daughter wanted a movie party for her 9th birthday in February, she chose the film Hotel Transylvania. I started a Pinterest Board for this and as it was February we tried to avoid too much Halloween themed content. After they had watched the movie and had food we made little felt dracula softies. I’d pre-cut out the felt for this and they loved it!


This weekend is youngest’s 4th Birthday (don’t they come round fast). The loud request was for a Scooby-Doo party. The Pinterest inspiration from this is brilliant, my board is bursting. Props for a photo booth, mystery solving treasure hunts, printables, banners, cake ideas. I could do with another year to take it all in.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.51.38Another great feature of the Pinterest boards is that you can invite other people to contribute. If you have  great party organiser in the family, why not add them to your board so that they can pin additional ideas too.



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