Re-using vintage fabrics

I’ve been collecting vintage fabrics for a couple of years now. Embroidered tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs… you name it, and now I have a lovely stash.

You can still pick up pieces of vintage embroidery quite cheaply in charity shops. It amazes me to think how much hard work went into them. Often they are in great condition because they have been stored away but the fabric can be worn quite thin and delicate due to age.

I would love to give my stash a new life. I’ve seen some brilliant images on Pinterest, my favourite is of an entire wall covered in fabric framed in embroidery hoops. I thought I would try this myself as I would love to display some of my fabric at home.

I bought three wooden embroidery hoops from my local craft shop and gave them two coats of paint and a light sand.

Then I went through my stash and picked out some of my favourite pieces. Most of my vintage embroideries are floral which makes it easy to change according to the seasons or a theme. There are load of options for personalising the frames by co-ordinating the colour of the frame to match a room, you could even embroider your own message on to the fabric.

vintage framed embroidery

I’ve seen some lovely ideas on Pinterest for recycling vintage embroideries, including bunting, tissue holders, magnets and buttons, hanger covers, lampshades and bags. If you want some inspiration take a look at my Pretty Stitching board on Pinterest.

I would love to hear what you think of reusing them. Do you think they are old-fashioned and should stay in a charity shop or be given a new purpose in the 21st century?

My name is Jenny and I can usually be found blogging about my vintage fabric finds at the gingerbread house


4 thoughts on “Re-using vintage fabrics

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  2. No! I think they need to be shown off as much as possible, there’s a story behind each embroidery. I have a few stashed away so maybe I’ll look at a similar display! I love looking in the charity shops when I go back to England. (BTW – I’ve just started following a few of your Pinterest Boards)! Cath.

  3. S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!!!!!! I’ve made a few of these with new fabric but never thought to use Vintage Fabric!! Off to scrounge around the charity shops I think! 🙂 Thanks for a great post xx

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