Leftovers Stir-fry

Remember the Bacon Apple Porkchops I made last week? Well we ended up with a good amount of leftovers so I decided to make a Stir Fry for lunch the next day.

Leftover rice (it is always better if its at least a day old)
Broccoli (Or any Veg)
1 Egg
Pork chopped (Or steak, chicken etc.)
Teriyaki sauce
Peppers and onions chopped

Start off by heating a little oil in a large skillet. Once its heated add your rice


Give the rice a few minutes to heat up slightly and add your Teriyaki Sauce. Let the rice cook through until it gets a good color on it.

Move your rice to one side of your skillet and turn the heat down to medium. Add your egg to the other side of the pan

friedeggMake sure to keep moving your rice in the one corner so it doesnt burn. Scramble your egg and once its cooked through incorporate it in with your rice. Cook them both together for 2 minutes to ensure the egg has mixed properly. At this point add your basil and/or other spices.

Add your chopped Pork and stir until it is heated through, then add your peppers,onions and broccoli


Add your Salt and Pepper now that all ingredients have been added. Stir for another few minutes, still on medium heat, until all veggies have been heated thoroughly. There is nothing worse than a cold piece of broccoli… Yuck!!

I heaped it all into a giant bowl for my husbands lunch and he shoveled it in very quickly. I was lucky I got a picture!


I love that we got two meals out of one. Plus is was hearty enough that we only needed to have a small dinner that night.

If you give this, or any of my other recipes a try please let me know. I have a viewer section on my blog that is begging for some attention!

Email me to MomofTwosalums@hotmail.com. I would love to see what you come up with!

You can also catch my blog here – its amazing if I do say so myself! Plus if you aren’t sure what my name means checkout my about me section!


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