Don’t judge a book by its cover – up-cycle it.

Book flowers_0245I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a love a books that goes a little bit beyond what might be considered the norm. I kept hold of the book below, even though it had been half eaten by the dog, it is probably the most common second hand book in circulation and I already have a paperback of it on shelves. My husband may despair of the tat I hold onto, but I knew there was a whole new life awaiting that shabby Bridget Jones, and because it had already been defaced I wouldn’t feel guilty about re-purposing it.

Book flowers_0269

I’ve had a Pinterest Board – Repurposed books for ages and this weekend I’m attending a book sculpture course. I thought I’d have a little go at something before Saturday.

This craft was much bigger in the original pin tutorial over at It was used as a Christmas mistletoe decoration. I used much smaller polystyrene spheres left over from another project. I therefore used a much smaller petal – drawing around a penny. I didn’t need a glue gun, a Prittstick was fine. Take a look at the original tutorial to see how to construct the flower.

You don’t need a lot of materials to get going.

Book flowers_0235

Book flowers_0237

Book flowers_0242

I think it would be an ideal craft for children. It doesn’t even need to be old book pages, it could be coloured paper, music manuscript, magazines or old newspapers.

The baubles/flowers could be hung using fishing wire as a mobile or bunting, or perhaps impaled onto some thick wire and displayed in a vase.

Last night was World Book Night, I do prefer books to be used for their primary purpose, but they can live on even when they have become too tatty and torn. Have you turned an old book into something else, please do leave a link if you have, I’d love to take a look.

Book flowers_0249I’m Cara and I blog over at FrecklesFamily, if you are knitter/crocheter, you might be interested in a wool bundle giveaway that is happening over there this week.


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