Freezer paper stencils

At the weekend I had the very first proper outing of my Make It Better…Upcycle Exchange, at the Bath Artisan Market, and I needed a banner for the stall.

I wanted to make two-one saying Make It Better… that I could use at markets and workshops and things, and one saying Upcycle Exchange, that I could just use use at the ermmm, Upcycle Exchange..!

I made the Make It Better one by cutting out the letters from fabric scraps and sewing them onto an old piece of blackout blind I found lurking in my stash:

Make It Better banner1And then I wanted something a bit quicker for the Upcycle Exchange bit, so I thought I would use fabric paint. I am not the best painter, or the neatest writer, so obviously ‘freehand’ was not going to be the way forwards here…
I decided to make a stencil from freezer paper! This is awesome. Has anyone else tried it? I was sceptical at first but it totally works, and I am going to show you lucky people how…

First off, you need some Freezer Paper

Freezer paper1

A word to the ‘thrifty’ here-I had read that you could use waxed paper that you can buy readily in the UK-it’s a lie, you can’t, I tried it. You need the real deal. I got mine online a while ago, and can’t remember where from (sorry!). I googled it, and you can get it from Amazon (is there anything you can’t get from Amazon) OR I found this tutorial on Instructables to make your own…(disclaimer-haven’t tried this myself, so idea if it works..!)

I am lucky enough to have a fancy pants Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, so I used that to cut the letters out (if you have one too-freezer paper shiny side down on your cutting mat, and change settings to ‘cardstock’ and it should come out perfectly!)
BUT it is easy peasy to do without one-I am reliably informed that you can print on freezer paper. Cut it down to A4 size, and then you may need to flatten it under some heavy books to stop the edges curling. Also make sure you put your paper in so it prints on the not shiny side.
Print, and then use a craft knife to carefully cut around your letters or image.

Then, you can need to dig out your iron and ironing board from where they reside in between being needed for sewing/craft projects (we don’t iron in this house..) and place your stencil shiny side down where you want it on your fabric. Then get ironing.

It’s magic! The letters/stencil stick to the fabric 🙂

Freezer paper2

Next step is to get your fabric paint, and plunder the Small people’s art supplies…

Freezer paper5I used a sponge to put it on as I wanted quite a messy effect, but can also paint it on, or use a mini roller


Freezer paper7

Be sure just to run the iron over your stencil again just before you put the paint on. I didn’t, and the U and the E lifted up, and so it is not quite as crisp as I would have liked, but hey ho.

Wait for it to dry before picking off the letters (the stencil will just peel off really easily). And then follow the instructions on your fabric paint for ironing it to ‘set’ the paint.

Here it is in action..!




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