Book Case Beauty Parlour

Book Case_9800 wm

This has been on my ‘to do’ list for ooh well over a year. We inherited it from my father-in-law’s house after he passed away, along with other items that we either couldn’t part with emotionally or were just too gorgeous to to not find a home for e.g. Singer sewing machine table. This book case is solid. It isn’t an Ikea mdf special, I think my mother-in-law had it custom made. The only problem with it, is well, erm… the colour? It just didn’t go with anything.

I had seen lots of makeover, before and after pictures on Pinterest and the web in general and knew that there is a brand of chalk paint which claims you don’t need to do any major preparation before starting to paint wooden furniture. I was really sceptical about that, however I asked around, did a bit more research and decided to have a go. I didn’t have the mega-bucks to fork out for the top brand chalk paint (plus postage for a heavy tin of paint), and we had some heritage chalky emulsion leftover from a previous room.

So I went for it:

Book Case_9805 wm

It looked awful:

Book Case_9806 wmI thought what a disaster I’ve made a right mess, but I let it dry, gave it another coat, felt rather happier that it was looking much better. After a third coat the next day it looked great. You can apply a layer of wax to give it more resilience, but as this wasn’t going to be in a high traffic area, I didn’t think it was necessary.

So ta-da:

Book Case_9817 wmIt’s a LOT fuller than that now, but it fits in so much better, I love it and it will live with us for a long time.


6 thoughts on “Book Case Beauty Parlour

    • Thank you Jen, so relieved it turned out well. Didn’t want my husband giving me the ‘told you so’ look. 😉

  1. Oh wow! It turned out great!!! I did something similar last year with a desk… I also stopped halfway and thought sh*t… I’ve totally screwed this up… but it turned out pretty fab! Thanks for another Great post Cara! xx

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