Blog Techie Tip: How to Change your Email Subject Line in 5 minutes!

I was always baffled as to why my Blog email subscriptions were delivered with my blog name in the subject line, like this :

From:                                     Subject:                                               Received:                      Size: 

My Lovebumps                     My Lovebumps                                  14/04/2013                    17kb

Instead of the ‘New Post Title’ in the subject line, like this:


Well FEAR NOT! I have a simple, 5 minute fix to this problem – you ready?

1) Log in to your Feedburner account

2) Click on the Publicize Tab

3) Click on ‘Email Subsctriptions’ from the navigation menu

4) Click on ‘Email Branding’ from the sub menu

5) You now have the option to change the Email Title

6) Add this code:   ${latestItemTitle}    in the title & it will replace it with the latest post title

7) Scroll down and click ‘Save’


8) Send me cake to thank me for rocking your blog world (I’m so modest it’s unfreaking   believable)

Hope this helps some of you – it will really encourage your readers to click through to your posts directly from their Inbox’s – Awesomeness.

Feel free to stick a pin in this if you found it useful 🙂 Happy Monday ya’ll!


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