10 minute pinboard

The other night I decided I NEEDED a pinboard to take to our inaugural Make It Better…mending/sewing/crafting cafe evening, to display posters for other upcoming events and workshops.

Just in case you ever NEED a pretty pinboard in an emergency…

This is what you need:

  • cheap pinboard or cork tile
  • fabric of your choosing
  • glue gun

In the garage we have a cheap pinboard sat still in its shiny wrapper, that we bought ages ago (when Focus went bust I think!) waiting to be loved.

So I went and grabbed it in and set to work.

10min pinboard01

My plan was to cover it in fabric, but I was a bit worried that the frame around the outside might make it a bit ‘funny’, so I found an old pair of my Nana’s curtains that I had already butchered for other projects, and cut these up to fill in the gap

10min pinboard02I used my trusty glue gun throughout, as it is quick and easy, and I love a bit of speed crafting. I put 2 layers on, which filled in the gap nicely, but actually makes sticking the pins in a bit of a pain. If I did it again, I think I would just do one layer.

Then I placed my ‘pretty’ fabric face down on the floor, and placed the pinboard face down on top

10min pinboard03

Then just fold the edges over, pulling the fabric nice and tight. At the corners, do it like you are wrapping up a present. Go crazy with the glue gun. Remember, it doesn’t have to look pretty from the back!

10min pinboard04

Then, because mine really didn’t look very pretty from the back, I cut another rectangle of Nana’s curtains and glued this on top to neaten it up

10min pinboard05Ta da!

10min pinboard06

Obviously it helps it you remember to iron your fabric 1st to remove the crease lines…

This pinboard came with 6 free pins-woohoo! So I set to work on them too-glue-gunning some buttons on to the tops

10min pinboard07

10min pinboard08

Here it is ‘in action’

10min pinboard09

Not quite a 10 minute pinboard, I may have been fibbing there, but certainly less than half an hour.

The only minor issue with ‘speed crafting’ is that it does leave quite a lot of mess to clear up

10min pinboard10Now where is that ‘Tidy-up Fairy’..?

You can find other ‘speed craft’ and me making, making do and mending over at My Make Do and Mend Year-where my family and I are 7 months in to our year of buying nothing new!


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