Feather the nests

It’s been a really harsh winter for our wildlife and we have been doing our bit to feed the birds through the ongoing ‘winter’. I know it’s officially Spring, but no one has told our weather, have they?

As well as keeping this feeder well stocked.

Bird feeder

From Pinterest I’ve also found a great use for all the stray ends from knitting/crochet projects.

The ‘yarn feeder!’

Yarn Feeder 1

It gives my neighbours something to add to their suspicions that I’m a bit bonkers but the birds love it. They’ve been taking strands of yarn to help feather their nests and this contains about half the original amount of yarn that I first put out.

Yarn Feeder 2The open suet feeders are great for this. I’ll be looking out for the best dressed nests in my neighbourhood.


5 thoughts on “Feather the nests

  1. I do this but fill it with my golden retriever’s hair 🙂 They love it, so there are colourful and softly lined nests ever where 🙂

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