Ahoy There Matey’s! Pirate Invitation Pinspiration

Last year, my clever sister made these pirate invitations:

SONY DSC(‘Scuze the patchy thingies, I’m covering up Top Secret information ya’ know! 🙂 )

The text reads:


It has come to our attention that it is Captain Taide Blackbeard Winterton’s 7th birthday on the horizon,  A NEW form of celebrations is on the go… Something that goes by the name of a DISCO!

Leave yer weapons on yer ships and get on down to the …. Village Hall on 10th November from 4-6pm if you dare!

There be a dress code of pirates and princesses…

Yer need to RSVP by no later than … by hollering Taide’s ma either by text or email

Hope to see ye there! ‘

Gah! I think it’s so cute!!! She tea-stained the papers and let them dry for a couple of days, then burnt the edges with a lighter (she almost burnt down her whole house doing this, but that’s a blog post for another day) then she printed them and rolled them up like scrolls tied up with a piece of string.

Pure genius (and cost effective too!)

If you like it, then you shoulda put a *pin* on it. *BURSTS INTO SONG*

To read more of my family’s shenanigans, head on over to My Lovebumps – I write stuff there too.

Happy Monday All!



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