Jeans Challenge…

I posted this this week, on My Make Do and Mend Year, and it struck me as a great inaugural PInaddicts Challenge post.

As a bit of background, we are buying nothing new for a year. Our year started in September 2012, and along the way I have been introduced to the many joys (?) of patching various pairs of jeans, with varying degrees of success.

So I got to thinking what else could be done with jeans that are ‘past their best’?

Last summer, I made an old pair of jeans in to a skirt:

Jeans challenge1

I have also made a small bag from a leg of a pair of jeans:

Jeans challenge2

I have had the top of yet another pair sat pinned for months, waiting to be turned into a bigger bag:

Jeans challenge3

And I have created a dedicated “Jean genie” (genius, I know…) Pinterest board for jeans upcycling.

Sooooo, I have thrown a challenge to the lovely readers of My Make Do and Mend Year, and I am very generously extending the challenge to you people too….


Oh the excitement!

I’ll be kind and give you a couple of weeks on this one-answers on postcard, or leave a comment, or even blog about it and send me the link, and I will act as judge and jury and declare a winner.

There is no prize. I am in the middle of a Make Do and Mend Year after all. You can however bask in the heady glory and kudos and being designated the ultimate Jeans Upcycler….


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