Crochet Owl or make that a Bunny?

These owls have been all over Pinterest and Instagram for a few months, and with a little tweaking they transformed into a bunny for Easter.

Crochet Owls

They are great for using up small amounts of leftover yarn. Also, they’re particularly suited to beginners as the tutorial here from Jacquie at BunnyMummy is full of step by step instructions and picture directions. You will need to translate the crochet terms from American to English, but there are only a few stitches used. Jacquie provides the translation at the beginning of the post.

Crochet Owl front and back blog

You can make the back to match, or alternatively use one colour. If the owl is going to be for a young child you can embroider the eye rather than use a bead.

I’m a newbie crocheter and found it a really easy make, and it was quite quick too. I added a little bit of lavender in with the stuffing. A little warning, they are quite addictive and one isn’t really enough.

Crochet Bunny blogThe owl pattern has also been adapted by Janette at The Green Dragonfly into the equally appealing little bunny pattern. The body is very similar to the owl with the addition of an extra single crochet round the outside, and the addition of the ears. The pattern talks you through the steps to make stripy ears, but I went for a single colour. Mine aren’t exactly equal – see I told you I was a newbie, but I like to think it adds character, yes?

Crochet Bunny rear blogMy name is Cara and I also blog at Freckles Family, a random mash up of family, craft, books and food.


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