Buying fabric from outside the UK

Pinterest is fabulous for finding great sewing tutorials and inspiration to make new things. The only problem we have here in the UK is the cost of some of the fabrics we love which tend to come from America (Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Amy Butler etc) or Japan (Kokka). Fabric is much, much cheaper to buy in America and its very tempting to think about ordering it direct from the USA when browsing online. The problem is that you will usually be charged Customs Duty and VAT on it when it arrives in the UK along with an additional postage charge. This often makes it just as expensive as buying it in the UK.

A great way of calculating exactly how much duty will be payable is by using a fab website called Duty Calculator. You type in the cost of the fabric you want to buy in the local currency and the cost of postage and it will tell you exactly how much Customs Duty, VAT and Postage would be payable. This means you can calculate exactly what the final cost of the fabric will be and weigh up whether it is worthwhile. You can read much more about import charges and my recent purchase of some gorgeous Lecien fabrics from the USA on the Sew Scrumptious Blog here.

Happy Shopping!


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