Ebay Treasure

Ebay… oh how we love thee EBAY!

Today, we’re linking up with the fabulous Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter – she is seriously one of my mostest favouritest bloggers and vloggers on the Interwebz.  She is funny and sweet and kind and lovely and funny and and and….

Point being… she is going to run this feature every once in a little while… ‘Ebay Treasure’ so I’ve decided to link up with her to show all of you lovely PinAddicts my recent Crafty, New, Ebay finds! You can click the image below to visit her blog and please say HI!

My first crafty find is this fantastic Wooden bunting from the shop things_wooden …. Yes wooden, I STILL have not mastered the art of the sewing machine…. so my plan is to decoupage fabric onto these. I know. I’m insane like that.

Secondly I found these AWESOME Fimo clay cookies to make necklaces with created by dizzy_blonde08  – honestly CLICK the link, she makes the SCRUMMIEST charms you have ever seen … I have an idea for an upcoming #PinAddicts Challenge – watch this space!

Then I hopped over to China and found halloperlen – to buy THESE beautiful wooden buttons… They were only £1.30 for 30 and the postage was FREE! Also, they only took 8 days to arrive – pretty awesome. I have no idea what to do with them yet… Any idea’s?

So, what ‘pinalicious’ crafty finds have you found on Ebay? Let us know in the comments or write a blog post and link to the lovely Sprinkle of Glitter 🙂

ALSO! You still have plenty of time to enter this month’s PinAddicts Challenge! Click HERE to enter your link!

Happy Pinning everyone!

Kerry xx


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